About Us

About beingcert

The world of IT keeps changing in today’s world that requires continuous monitoring and managing. It is not possible for IT industry to manage it single handedly. All those who are associated with IT industry can offer a great help to this ever changing industry. Beingcert since its inception in 2006 has worked closely with the IT industry to facilitate IT organizations to develop a programme which allows us to exam programme within the international arena.

Beingcert is a state of art, independent Certification organization. Having wide experience in certification industry, we believe in focussing quality certification. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of internationally recognized certifications including Lean Six Sigma, Project Management, Certified Sales and Marketing Professional™, Business Management Professional™, Certified Cloud Computing Certifications, Premium IT Certifications, Certified Software Tester Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced level certifications, Professional Management, Data Center, Information Security Certifications and many more.

Our Mission

Our aim is to offer Quality Certification in the field of Management Science and Information Technology. In order to attain the standards in this arena we offer:

  • A hassle-free and user-friendly exam environment for candidates
  • Comprehensive Online exam booking and payment
  • Online certificate verification
  • Cost effective, competitive rates
  • Flexible payment option
  • Continuously monitoring the quality of exams
  • Efficient documentation of the processes
  • Promote standardization of certification practices
  • Better understanding of customer expectation