Beingcert Certified Data Analytics
Beingcert Certified Data Analyst

Beingcert Certified Data analyst professional certification is a global vendor-neutral certification that validates skills needed to analyze and make sense of large datasets using a variety of tools and techniques. This certification provides a competitive advantage in the job market and validates the candidate's expertise in data analytics, making them more attractive to potential employers. It is ideal for professionals seeking to enhance their data analytics skills and knowledge, or for those looking to transition into the field of data analyst.

Skills you will Learn

  • The ability to collect, prepare and explore data sets using various data analyst tools and techniques.
  • Understanding of statistical analysis and machine learning models to identify patterns and trends in data sets.
  • Proficiency in big data analytics and distributed computing to work with large data sets.
  • Knowledge of data visualization and communication techniques to effectively present insights to stakeholders.
  • Awareness of ethical considerations and privacy issues when working with sensitive data.

Exam Domains of Beingcert Certified Data Analyst

  • Introduction to Data Analyst - 10%
  • Data Collection, Preparation, and Exploratory Data Analysis - 25%
  • Statistical Analysis and Machine Learning - 30%
  • Big Data Analytics and Distributed Computing - 15%
  • Data Visualization and Communication - 15%
  • Data Ethics and Privacy - 5%

Format of Exam

  • Number of Questions: 80
  • Exam Duration: 120 minutes
  • Types of questions: Multiple choice questions & Scenario based questions
  • Passing score: 56
  • Language: English
  • Testing Provider: BeingCert

Job Roles

  • Big Data Analyst
  • Data Engineer
  • Big Data Developer
  • Hadoop Administrator
  • Data Warehouse Architect
  • Data Mining Engineer

Companies that hire Certified Data Analyst

Many companies across a wide range of industries value the Beingcert Certified Data Analyst and actively seek out experts to fill Beingcert Certified Data Analyst roles.

Course Curriculum

While you attempt for this Certification, numerous topics will be covered in the examination. The candidates can download the syllabus provided below to get the complete details of the topics that will be covered in Beingcert Certified Data Analyst

Frequently Asked Questions

Data Analyst

  1. Basic understanding of data structures.
  2. Basic understanding of statistics.
  3. Basic understanding of programming.
  4. Background in computer science, mathematics, statistics, or a related field.
  5. Some experience with data analysis tools and programming languages such as Python or R.

  1. Data analysts
  2. Data scientists
  3. Business analysts 
  4. Data engineers
  5. IT professionals
  6. Marketing professionals
  7. Operations professionals
  8. Financial professionals
  9. Healthcare professionals

Ans. If you’re a beginner, it's a crucial step toward your success. This certification is worth the time and money you’ll spend to get certified.

Ans. Data Analyst helps you to earn an average salary but after getting this certification you move one step ahead in your career and are eligible to make your place in the IT industry.

Ans. The validity of a Data Analyst certification is 3 years, after which recertification or continuing education is required to ensure professionals stay updated with evolving cloud security practices.