Beingcert offers certifications, services that can be purchased online or through the medium of vouchers. We offer refund policy under some circumstances and value the trust of our prestigious clientele.

    The refund of the amount shall only be applicable on the product made in FULL fee payment and not for the payment that has been paid. The refund of any examination is only applicable when full amount is paid without any remaining balance. The applicants may fail to seek refund if they fail to match the eligibility criteria as per the mentioned clauses or if they haven’t complied in paying the necessary service fee.

    In cases where an applicant processes multiple transactions of Candidate Card/Bank Account due to any sort of technical error or if the Candidate’s accounts gets debited with excess amount in single or many transactions then their excess amount excluding the Payment Gateway charges shall be refunded. Do ensure to cross verify with your bank authorities.

    Due to any unforeseen circumstances, if the payment is advanced from the Candidate Card/ Bank Account but fail to fetch the enrolment credential for the examination, Beingcert will make sure the candidate is provided with an exclusive Exam ID only after proper verification without any extra cost. However, if the candidate wishes to receive back the refund, Beingcert will not barricade the refund policy. He/she refunded the net amount, after deduction of Payment Gateway charges or any other charges.

    For successful refund process, it is vital for the candidate to make a registration for refund and provide for the transaction number and original payment receipt if generated at the time of the processing.

    For accurate results, the registration and verification process shall be carried out manually. If the claim made by the applicant is genuine, the excess amount will be duly refunded by Beingcert through the electronic mode. The applicant shall be provided with a confirmation mail to their given mailing address attested in the online registration form. The process may take up to 7-10 calendar days on the receipt of such claim.

    There is an absolute zero tolerance policy for charge backs. Applicant who tries to falsely disputes a credit card payment that is found to be valid will be permantetly blacklisted/barred from taking any service from Beingcert! Also, the past due fees and costs will be reported to the available Credit Reporting Agencies.

    If your request for a refund falls under the acceptable terms and conditions of the Company and service agreement, the time taken to process such a request would be 30 working days.