Become a Test Center

Become a Beingcert® Authorized Test Center

Beingcert is an Independent, International Association that understands the need of training and testing. It adheres to the objective of Quality and Reliability by promoting Growth, Education and Certification.

Beingcert will help in retaining the employees by providing them the skills required for successful completion of varied projects.

We at Beingcert maintain a network that has the mission to support the international and sustainable growth of innovative companies. Our goal at Beingcert is to provide a platform that brings all the professionals and the organizations involved in fostering great projects together under one roof.

To join our authorized network, follow these 3 steps:

  1. Apply– Read the technical/facility requirements, then apply online.
  2. Sign – We evaluate your application, then send a contract and other forms.
  3. Train – Finally, your Test Administrator must pass an open-book certification test.