Exam Fees : $200

Certified Scrum Master

About Exam

Exam Code : CSM03

Beingcert® Certified Scrum Master Certification is a coordinator for an agile development team. It is a methodology that is used to manage a project efficiently. It helps in managing the process and explains how the information is exchanged. It uses the concept of sprints for its iterations.
The candidates will be awarded as the Beingcert® Certified Scrum Master from Beingcert after passing the certification exam.

In this ever changing world, the requirements of IT industry keeps on changing and there is a need for a nimble system that is applicable for all the projects. Scrum process is an ideal system for the projects with rapidly changing and high developing needs. With the usage of this process, the experts can easily deliver the suitable software consistently and at regular intervals of time through a project life cycle. It assures that the company’s product backlog is in safe mode and is ready to go to the next level. Scrum Master assures that the projects are bugs free and must show high performance.

Format of Exam

  • Multiple choice questions
  • No. of questions: 80
  • Max marks: 80, Required marks: 56(i.e.70%)
  • Duration: 120 minutes
  • Closed book

How Does it Help

The Beingcert® Certified Scrum Master Certification helps the project team to properly make the use of Scrum methodology for their overall project’s success. Beingcert® Certified Scrum Master  act as “servant leaders”, thus helping the rest of the Scrum team work together and learn the Scrum framework. This certification facilitates to become the Scrum Alliance members. It demonstrates the core of Scrum knowledge to the employers. It will expand your career opportunities and skills by staying relevant and marketable across various industry sectors. Through this certification, the candidate can easily gain access to various local groups, networks and resources that are available only to the Scrum Alliance members.