Exam Fees : $500

Certified Information System Security Auditor

About Exam

Exam Code : CISSA01

The goal of Beingcert Certified Information System Security Auditor is used to ensure that an organization system or business system is planned, organized and protected. Most of the organization requires an Information System Security Auditor i.e. IT auditor who will detect the conflicts or issues that occur and resolves them immediately by providing security measures i.e. effective auditing solutions. This certification will help you to gain in-depth knowledge in the area of auditing. It will judge the auditor’s knowledge and skills for assessing their liability or accountability and implementing these controls in the IT industry.
It is specifically designed for IT auditors and it is a vendor neutral certification.

Format of Exam

  • Multiple choice questions
  • No. of questions: 100
  • Max marks:100, Required marks:65(i.e.65%).
  • Duration:120 minutes
  • Closed book

How Does it Help

There is huge demand of IT auditors in this industry as most of the organizations require an IT auditor who will make the use of their expertise in providing IT security solutions and will resolve all the issues that arise in the organization by providing effective auditing solutions. It will enhance your skills and knowledge.

Exam Fees

The exam fee of this certification is $500

Exam Information

In this ever changing IT Industry,  there is a scarcity of IT auditors who provide IT auditing solutions to the organizations. Most of the organizations require an IT auditor in order to resolve the conflicts and ensure that the organization is properly functioning. By this, the intellects can become an IT auditor in the organization.