Exam Fees : $250

Certified Information Security Professional

About Exam

Exam Code : CISP02

Beingcert® Certified Information Security Professional recognizes Information Security Leaders who understand the cyber security strategy as well as their implementation. This certification proves that the candidate has knowledge, skills and experience to design, develop and manage the overall security structure of the organization. It aims for a wider and more comprehensive coverage of information security and the candidate will get both practical and theoretical exposure in this.
It is suitable for the managers who have already attained positions such as CI SO, CSO or Senior Security Engineer.

Format of Exam

  • Multiple choice questions
  • No. of questions: 100
  • Max marks: 100, Required marks: 65(i.e.65%).
  • Duration: 120 minutes
  • Closed book

How Does it Help

This certification helps a candidate to develop the expertise in building, developing and maintaining a secure business environment for an organization. This information security certification is an exclusive way to demonstrate knowledge, to increase your career prospects and to become a member of a cyber security community. The demand of this certification is very high in both private and government sector.

Exam Fees

The exam fee of this certification is $250.

Exam Information

Beingcert® Certified Information Security Professional is an internationally recognized certification that has been designed for a senior level positions in the field of information security. It provides information security professionals with an objective to measure competence, excellence and to achieve a globally recognized standard.
In today fast evolving times, technological solutions by itself cannot protect an organizations critical information, therefore employers are demanding a qualified information security staff that will give the organization a leading edge by providing the highest standard of security measures for their customers, employees, stakeholders and organizational information assets.