Exam Fees : $200

Cloud Computing Consultant

About Exam

Exam Code : CCC03

Beingcert Cloud Computing Consultant Certification will help you to boost up organization performance by enhancing your skills and knowledge in cloud computing efficiently. Its core emphasis is on growing your career in the cloud computing area. This Certification covers the understanding of principals of cloud computing, implementing and managing cloud. 

Format of Exam

  • Multiple choice questions
  • No. of questions: 40
  • Max marks:40, Required marks: 28(i.e.70%).
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Closed book

How Does it Help

Demand for consultant in cloud computing is increasing in organizations. Consultants help organization to utilize the cloud computing environment to accommodate their business objective. It will intensify skills and knowledge in the fields of cloud computing. This is one step ahead in Cloud Computing. Consultants can perform array of technical studies and interpretation for organisation and clients.

Exam Fees

The exam fee of this certification is $200

Exam Information

Beingcert Cloud Computing Consultant Certification can help you to optimize the IT environment. This Certification provides standards for candidates to become globally entrenching and universally set Cloud Computing standards in industry or in any organization.