Exam Fees : $150

Certified Web Developer

About Exam

Exam Code : CWDC01

Beingcert® Certified Web Developer Certification is more advisable to those applicants who desire to build and maintain websites. This certification ensure that the candidate have the working knowledge of internet basics, HTML including HTML5, CSS3 and WYSIWYG editors, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Web graphics, Web multimedia, Web site design, Web site management, and a ravishing responsive website. They are familiar with technologies and understand how computers and web servers operate.

Format of Exam

  • Multiple choice questions
  • No. of questions: 80
  • Max marks: 80, Required marks: 56(i.e.70%).
  • Duration: 120 minutes
  • Closed book

How Does it Help

In this ever changing world, everyone wants a growth in their career, Beingcert® Certified Web Developer helps in  enhancing your talent. This Certification encourages you to achieve a valuable and a fruitful position in the industry. So, earn this Certificate and boost your career to the next level.