Lean Six Sigma: Learn the Lean way

In today’s dynamic environment, carrying out the business operation is quite a task. To ensure smooth operational functioning of business, it is imperative to abide by a management approach and enhance business performance. Lean Six Sigma methodology is one such process improvement methodology that combines tools, methods and principles of Lean and Six Sigma into a powerful methodology to improve an organization’s operations. It effectively eliminates problems, removes waste and inefficiency and uses the PDCA- Plan-Do-Check-Act/Adjust method and wastes to achieve continuous improvement. Chiefly, there are three six sigma certification levels that a candidate can pursue.

The Lean Six Sigma is an amalgamation of two approaches, the “Lean” is an “a set of tools that assist in the identification and the steady elimination of waste”, whereas “Six Sigma” was pioneered by Bill Smith to enhance the quality and measurement systems to eliminate the scope of defects referred as “Muda” that includes Non-Utilized Talent, Defects, Overproduction, Waiting, Transportation, Inventory, Motion and Extra Processing respectively.

There are numerous benefits of getting six sigma certifications. A candidate having a strong understanding of the methods and tools can head on to get certified with Beingcert! With an Int’l certificate, the candidate can prove their prowess of implementing the Lean Six Sigma principles and enhancing the level of efficiency in one’s organization. Here are some of the key benefits of Lean Six Sigma Certification:

1. Promotes Improvements in Quality and Business Processes

With an exclusive Int’l Lean Six Sigma certification of Beingcert, a candidate can demonstrate their key expertise in measuring the right kind of financial benefits for the organization. They can show how they are acquainted with the techniques and procedures of cutting out on the costs and increasing the revenue potential of an organization.

2. Enhance Managerial and Leadership Capabilities

A credential testifies one’s level of knowledge for a particular field. Six Sigma makes you ever-ready for the leadership roles. Being a true leader, you can identify the characteristics of an organization’s business process and effectively measure, analyze, control and improvise them. You can head on to become a good leader.

3. Organizational Growth

By implementing Lean Six Sigma methodologies, candidate can improve the operations of an organization. Candidates with excellent analytical skills can help in gauging causes and analyze them. Professionals with attacking problems and fix tem efficiently.

4. Outstanding Salary Package

Compared to other career fields, Lean Six Sigma professionals earn a good amount of salary. As per a report, The Lean Six Sigma professionals can earn up to $104,300 on an average basis.

3 Levels of Lean Six Sigma Certification

Just like Martial arts have the belt system, Six Sigma has an exclusive triangular belt system. To be a practitioner of Lean Six Sigma, one has to clear their step by step certification system. Each level consists of separate expertise. The levels are as follows:

1. Beingcert Lean Six Sigma Certification Green Belt:

Professionals badging Beingcert Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification in the USA or other countries gets a hands-on experience to resolve quality-improvement projects. The Green belt professional are acquainted with the working of reviewing data and suggestions sent by lower-tiered belts and supports a Lean Six Sigma Black belt by analyzing and resolving quality-related issues.

2. Beingcert Lean Six Sigma Certification Yellow Belt:

Professionals who have a thorough understanding of the elementary aspects of the Lean Six Sigma methodology can enroll for Beingcert Certified Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification. Candidates must have core expertise in the subject matters of the phases of Define, Measure and Control (DMC) etc.

3. Beingcert Lean Six Sigma Certification Black Belt:

Beingcert Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt online certification is ideal for professional candidates having scores of years of practice in Lean and Six Sigma respectively. Candidates who have a thorough understanding of the Six Sigma phases of Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control and knows how to minimize the scope of waste.

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