Data Center Professional: Hone your skills

Globally, organizations rely on IT, networking equipment and computers for business services. Therefore, professionals having the knack of designing, maintaining and operating data center are always in-demand. Candidates who have garnered the knowledge of handling data center through self-paced mode or garnered a practical experience of using data center can head on to become certified and showcase their Int'l recognition. Grab opportunities in the certified Data Center specialist!

Beingcert exclusive Certified Data Center Professional certification-one of the predominant certifications showcases your abilities in handling physical infrastructure in the Data Center! You can demonstrate your essential knowledge of setting up and make improvisations on maintenance aspects of systems like power, cooling, security, cabling, safety etc. Sign up for the Certified Data Center certifications online!

Completing an Internationally recognized certification can prove to give candidates the edge to be distinguished and fetch them job opportunities, career upgradations etc. Through the medium of certification, the candidate can demonstrate proficiency in various aspects of the data center such as cooling, fire safety, protection, racks, cabling, management and physical security etc. The certified professionals can show they have the needed practical application in enhancing productivity, proficiency in the data center.

Target Audience:

Here is the list of Professionals eligible for the Certified Data Center Certifications.

  • System Investigators are responsible for the data center IT operation activities.
  • Commercial customers having maintained data center.
  • Personnel working in companies having exposure to data center IT operations.
  • Associate level Data Center Operations Professional.


To appear for this certification, you don't need any specific prerequisite to fulfil. However, to add weight to your application, candidates must have a minimum of two-three years of experience in the data center and its respective roles.

Key Learning Outcomes

Generally, the organization always look for candidates who could prove their expertise in handling their respective roles with precision. All this can be possible if you have cleared a recognized certification in Data Center Certifications Online or offline. Through a certified credential, candidate can demonstrate their knowledge in the following aspects:

  • Have an understanding of optimum site for the mission-critical data center as per future needs
  • Should be able to describe components available for high availability in the data center and set up the data center.
  • Align various technologies for UPS, fire suppression, cooling, monitoring systems, cabling standards etc.
  • Learn to review electrical distribution system and enhance cooling capabilities, efficiencies in the data center.
  • Ensure candidates have proper security measure and have the knowledge to safeguard the company‚Äôs valuable information in the data center.

Since, most of the enterprises heavily rely on a data center for data backup, recovery networking. These centers are also responsible in hosting websites, managing e-mails and in instant messaging services etc. For handling the data centers, it is important to have a professional who could handle, manage and maintain the data centers. Professionals who have developed the practical knowledge of data centers or have the ability to learn from self-paced modules can enroll for Certified Data Center Certifications Online or Offline mode.

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