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Gone are those days when a user wanted to access any particular file or run program(s), they had to connect to the server. Now, with the inception of technology, users are networked together and share files, information or data by simple “demand” basis. Through the advent of distributed computing, the cloud computing idea took birth. Cloud computing refers to the delivery of on-demand computing services from applications to storage and processing power over the Internet and pay-as-you-go basis.

The prime reason why cloud computing services are used is that its cost-effective technology of storing data and maintaining IT infrastructure. The cloud services are used in a score of services. From consumer able services such as G-mail, performing back of your important data, photos, videos to hosting data and running applications in the cloud. Even the world’s famous sources of entertainment- Netflix run on cloud computing services. Hence, professionals must enroll for the in-demand Cloud Computing Professional Specialist Certification.

Here are the key benefits of pursuing Cloud Computing Professional Certification:

1. Growing need for Cloud Computing Professionals

Organizations are adopting Cloud Computing technology. Most of the companies are using cloud services to compute and implement cloud migration strategies. Some companies are migrating to cloud and would need a certified cloud computing specialist to overlook cloud environments. Doing a certification will certainly level up the opportunities for cloud professionals.

2. Demonstrate your Cloud Skills

Obtaining an Int’l Beingcert Cloud Computing Professional Specialist Certification can level up the chances of employability. As most of the organizations hire employees with a recognized certification. This will ensure that certified professionals are skilled in cloud infrastructures and can manage cloud computing services efficiently.

3. Enhance Employability Chances

Considering today’s scenario, where professionals are drastically getting laid off, it is essential to upgrade one’s skills. If you have been in IT, then learning the concepts and uses of cloud wouldn't be any problem for you. You can start your career with Cloud Computing by completing the Cloud Computing Foundation certification. Steadily, the professionals can upgrade their knowledge and obtain advanced credential like Certified Cloud Security Professional too.

4. Show Commitment towards your work

Your certification can work as a testimonial to prove your commitment to grow. Candidates get better recognition for their knowledge. Since Beingcert Cloud Computing certification validates key skills of candidates skilled in working upon cloud platforms and its applications.


Cloud is emerging as one of the strong driving forces for storing data. Forbes also states that Enterprise workloads will function in the cloud by 2020, there is no denying that Cloud is here to stay. Most of the organizations and businesses will be transforming into the cloud. Simultaneously, there is and will be a growing need of Cloud professionals who are skilled in the cloud for better scalability, storage opportunists etc. If you have had garnered the needed knowledge for Cloud computing and wish to make a great future, you can head on to get certified with Beingcert Cloud Computing Professional Certification now.

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